Want to try Linux?

Linux is a free operating system that is widely used on computer servers throughout the world. Approximately 36% of all web servers run Linux, and 97% of all supercomputers run Linux.

Linux usage on the desktop is much lower (approx 1.3%), but is increasing due to the fact that it is free and secure. Very little malware currently exists that runs on Linux systems, therefore the chances of getting a malware infection on a Linux system is very low compared with Microsoft Windows.

Linux comes in many different “flavours” (distributions) that provide different user experiences out of the box. For example, Linux Mint looks very much like Microsoft Windows XP and would therefore be an ideal choice for someone that currently runs Windows XP but wants to upgrade to an operating system that is regularly updated and secure without the costs of a Windows upgrade.

Still interested? I will advise on the appropriate Linux distribution for your needs and install that distribution on your existing computer. The installation can completely replace your existing Windows installation, or be added to it so that you can choose to boot either Windows or Linux when you first turn your computer on (dual boot configuration). Please bear in mind that Windows applications don’t run directly on Linux, therefore equivalent Linux applications will need to be identified and installed to replace the applications that you currently use on Windows (Office applications, CD/DVD burning software etc). Please enquire for further details.