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Microsoft Windows Upgrades

Are you looking to upgrade your current version of Microsoft Windows to a later version? I perform the following upgrades:

  • Windows Vista to Windows 7 or 10  (Vista to 10 requires a double upgrade, Vista to 7 then 7 to 10)
  • Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10

Also, for those still running Windows XP I will perform a fresh install of Windows 7 or Windows 10. This will mean that applications and application settings currently installed on Windows XP will not be carried forward to Windows 7 or Windows 10, however all user data (documents, photos, videos etc) will be transferred across to the new version.

Alternatively if you are running XP and want to run a modern operating system, but don’t want to pay for a new version of Windows, why not try Linux? I will install the most appropriate version of Linux that is best suited to your computer, and provide basic training on how to use Linux.