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Computer Health Checks

Do you want a regular or one-off computer health check?

Sometimes even when everything appears to be running ok, there can be malware (viruses, trojans, adware, etc) installed on your computer that is slowing it down, spying on your online activities or showing you annoying adverts that take over your screen. Your hard drive could also be badly fragmented, or starting to fail, which could be causing problems that are not yet immediately apparent. 

For a fixed fee of £50 (£40 for U3A Members) I will perform a full system check that includes anti-malware scans that standard anti-virus programs often miss, and a thorough check of your computer’s hard drive. Any malware found will be removed, plus any unnecessary programs that start automatically when your computer is started will be prevented from running automatically. Hard drive faults that can be fixed without requiring a new hard drive, will be rectified. Serious faults with the hard drive that require a new hard drive to be fitted are not covered by the £50 fee, but I can fit a new hard drive and copy as much data as possible from the old hard drive at extra cost. Finally, any problems with Windows Updates will be identified and fixed.

Please contact Darryl on 07973 512709, or email if you are interested in either a one-off or a regular computer health check.